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Here at RK Media Marketing we are the whole team in one – your website designer, SEO specialist and social media manager. Our service includes prime content creation, website security, and SEO optimisation.

An agency specialising in all aspect of online marketing.

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Brand Awareness


We create brand awareness by using social media: we create an extensive social network and ensure your brand gets out there.

We ensure that your social media pages get engagement, likes and lead back to your website.

We set goals for this in the first month, promising up to 100 page likes in the first month.

We get your name and brand out there.

Other Services

Video Ad Creation

We recently launched our new service – short video ads for our clients. You can view the ads we’ve made on our YouTube channel.

Ad Design

We also create digital ads for our clients, ones that are pushed across social media to create awareness, engagement and leads.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

We not only create the ads, we also run and monitor your social media ad campaigns, creating a target audience that you need for website traffic and leads.

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